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I began my career in the beauty industry while I was in high school. My friends joked that I was a ‘beauty school drop out’ but nothing could have been further from the truth! I traded my AP & Honors classes for an early admissions program into Cosmetology while finishing high school through night school classes. Two weeks after graduating high school and trade school with two licenses, nails and esthetics I started college and my first career.  I wouldn’t say it was easy but I really love what I do! I continue to work as a Sign Language Interpreter which is what I went to college for but I could never fully leave the beauty industry. I love learning and am forever adding to my skill set, sometimes even just to say I tried it. 

Years after getting my first two licenses I returned to Paul Mitchell to finish my cosmetology licenses to also do hair. My love of learning continues in the classes I take, new skill sets added, workshops I teach and products I research. I probably can’t tell you what happened on Bravo but if you want science backed breakdown of beauty care, I’m your girl! Health and wellness are the foundation of my beauty beliefs and I work with as many natural products as I can that are effective.

When I’m not in the salon or signing I’m tag-teaming my husband to run around after our son and our two Border Collies. They are all bundles of energy and super fun but require all hands on deck! I love my play time with them and I also operate under the assumption that you have things you want to do that are more fun than sitting in a salon, even though we are super fun! I work efficiently and on time as well as use a quick processing color to get you pampered and on your way! Whether you use the extra time to sneak away for some quiet time or a meeting is up to you! I don’t give away beauty secrets.


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